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How does Online rehab work?

Our 1:1 online coaching provides the tools you need to live a pain free life and get you back into your fitness goals whether thats strength training, athletic movements, and rehab exercises to help manage your pain. Your programming is catered to you and your goals blending both fitness and rehab to help you reach your goals. 

How to get started

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Fill out the Form on the home page or under contacts down below. Fill out your name, phone number, and quick message on whats going on!


Weekly Check ins, zoom meetings, and daily access to your physical therapist for questions, movement screens, and goal setting


Rahul will reach out to you to schedule a free phone call or zoom consultation so we can discuss what is going on and how we can structure YOUR program


Join the coaching system on the Trainerize app and access your rehab and fitness programming. 

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